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Real Traders Using CCP

Every day I get emails, Skype messages, Text messages and Tickets from subscribers in the trial and its the most exciting and enlightening thing I do every day since we started CC-Protocols.

These are raw, unedited images, videos, and words from real traders using CCP for the first time ever.

Please read every word and add to the success of our community and to your own trading.  You have found the answer, its is possible you just don't know it yet, so use the positive energy and experiences of your fellow traders to inspire you and motivate you to win.

i was trying out different type trades just trading and got my sim up to $5085 yesterday. there are plenty of trades in the day for anyone to make money. Sally M.

A Message from Larry, Creator of CC-Protocols
I got an email from a customer this morning and I sent it over to Larry for a response.  Here is what happened, original test:

good morning larry, hope you had a magnificent night
i got an email this morning that i knew i would get and was hoping you could give some feedback on it.  i'll post it below

You need to add fees into your calculations. I pay about $4 per contract round trip, times 3 contracts per trade is $12 per trade.   Ten trades is $120.  Subtracting that from your calculation leaves $40 profit.  I already knew that it was not a winning solution.  Also, many will get the 20 tick stop out like Larry did the other day.  Three ticks will never work.  It has to be 7 ticks ($35) in my estimation for it to be workable.  That is what I am practicing the next few days.  Now 3 ticks ($37.50) on the ES will work.   Torey

The main focus is still to show people how to win, Forget the actual cost of commissions just call it 5.00 per round turn, 3 Ticks 3 contracts 45.00 comm. 15.00  Net  30.00   We are winning, we are trading Sim to learn how to win, So let's do just that (WIN) if someone wants to change what's being taught, Fine just let me get everyone up to speed first, that means everyone is winning 6 to 10 trades in a row, everyone is happy, everyone is green at the end of the day,  even though this is still Sim. The GOAL is to have EVERYONE see they can win 6 to 10 trades every day and be green at the end of the day every day. There's more to this but for now PLEASE,  Let's break all the rules as you know them and Make the CCP rules OUR RULES...any business has over head to those that are so worried about paying the broker,  What business does not have a larger over head in the beginning, You work on getting that overhead down after the business is going. How can you work on that before that??? ???

Gary, 7:42 AM  Thanks Gary from Germany

I understand. The concern is valid to a degree. What they need to understand is the % of winners if they do it right. Also, yesterday my target was 5 ticks and I still went 21 for 21.

Watch Kurt S. Kill it!

I got this from Pat I. from Canada



The end of this weekend marks the end of our first offer only to the group that transferred over from Billy's BS room.

If you have not begun your trial, using this link: you will not be eligible for this reduced pricing being offered now.

Please do not ask me to make an exception after the time has elapsed.  We will be moving on to aggressive marketing with completely different and elevated pricing.

If you are not convinced by now its probably not going to happen and I appreciate the time you have spent with us.

Traderoom Session - Scott M.

Evening Meeting with Larry