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Awesome Customer Experiences

Another great day with CC-Protocols and I wanted to share with you some of the awesome customer experiences that just came in this morning.

There are more but I always ask permission to share and am waiting on several others to respond to my request to share their stories.

Try to flush your mind out of all the negative conditioning that has you looking at CC-Protocols as you have all the other crap you've evaluated that didn't work.

It's time for a fresh start and CC-Protocols is that fresh start.

CC-Protocols is different, and you probably already know that, but let me give it to you from a different angle. From a Marketers perspective:

What do I as a marketer of trading products look for?

Obviously I look for something that works and gives traders an edge.

But, I'm also looking for people who can quickly make it work for themselves and get excited about using whatever it is that I'm selling.

This is why I know CC-Protocols is different and it will give you a new perspective from which to consider if you continue with us.

I've never received so many testimonials and happy customers in such a short period of time.  I have never experienced this much excitement over a product I have offered, EVER.

So, now that CC-Protocols is out in the open and being used the Positive Energy is electric and palpable and my emails and tickets and Skype every day are filled with happy traders telling me how excited they are using CC-Protocols.

So, not only does CC-Protocols work as advertised, traders are seeing the bright light at the end of their long, mostly losing trading career.


Keep in mind our goal at this stage:

  1. Practice on SIM to reprogram your subconscious to win over and over and over (you are accustomed to losing over and over and over and we have to demonstrate to our usually evil, negative, conditioned subconscious that everything has changed)
  2. When you can consistently make 6 to 10 winning trades back to back you are ready to trade real money or a Combine.
  3. Small Hits.  Start with just 3 to 5 contracts on SIM.  
  4. It is not important how little money you make, the only thing we want is to win Small Hits.  This will re-Condition you for winning instead of losing.
  5. CC-Protocols is the winning formula if you will follow it, commit to it and do it.
  6. Once you are past this important phase, scale up and make serious money to retire on.

Paul I. makes a really great point here about following the rules:

Hi Scott. This morning I purposely took a couple of bad trades that went against the rules . I then took three trades keeping with the rules and came out in the green. I guess the purpose of this e-mail is one, stay with the rules and you will win but the other purpose is to show that you can recover from bad trades with this system just stay with the rules. I am up $170.00.

I was thinking about a comment made in the chat room about $45.00  being not to much after commisions which I agree, but Larry said not to worry about it right now just learn the system which I agree with 100%. were Iam going with this is lets say you can make $100 a day after commisions, slipage etc, on a $2500 account and you trade everyday for one year and always finish with $100 in profit you would finish the year off with $24000.00 based on 20 trading days per month and 12 months. That is one hell of a return on $2500.00.

I sat down with a finacial adviser a couple of months ago and he told me for 2018 he was able to return to his customers 8% after all fees, on that $2500 that would have been $200 not very impressive I was thinking about giving this advisor $350000.00, which would really  be $343000.00 because as soon as they take your money they take there fees out right away. That $343000.00 at 8% would be $27440.00 in profit.

 In either case there is no guarantee but let just assume both cases worked out. To make almost the same returns  I would have to risk $347500.00 more money and also have the risk of the market crashing and lossing half or more of the $350000.00. I would rather risk the $2500 to make almost the same returns.

But actually I could have made alot more on the $2500, because as my account grows I could have add more contracts which would have out preformed the finacial advisers 8% with less risk. 

I know this is hypothatical  but this really could have been reality, with this system the potential is there for the taking.

Paul I.


Just a quick email before i sit down to trade the london/Euro session with the magnificiant CC - Protocols strategy. I have attached my trades from the start of the week as you can see 20 / 20 - 100% win rate . As you know i cant make the traderoom due to the time difference , however Larrys weekend session where very helpful and straight forward . Anyway thanks and i will no doubt continue my subscription

Evan S.


I had a little time to trade part of the lunch hour after the trade room closed. I took 2 trades, the first was pretty aggressive just above R2, but the last 3 charts were glowing green and I would not have taken it in a fast market. the second trade was further away from R2, but still not clearly in safe territory. Both were winners.
Kurt S.

Traderoom Session - Scott M.

Evening Session - Larry