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Real Money, Small Hits but Winners

After the morning session today I finally got a chance to run some errands.

When I returned the market was moving slowly but decisively and I thought I'd see if I could record some lessons for you.

I got 2 trades, Real Money, Small Hits, but winners and good lessons.

The key here is to demonstrate that you can win, win, win, win over and over and that alone will change your conditioning for losing.  We have to get you to a point where you are winning so much that becomes your new reality.

That is not the case now because you are so accustomed to losing more than you win.

1st Trade at 1:11PM CST

2nd Trade at 1:38PM CST

Pat F. one of our great long time subscribers sent in his results below.

These images and videos and testimonials we are getting every day speak for themselves.  Embrace and commit to CC-Protocols and Master this trade set up.



Evening Session - Larry