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In order to use our products we need to activate your machine ID.  We complete the activations based on your submission and what products you are currently subscribed to when you submit your machine ID. Below are an overview of steps you'll be completing.

  1. Understanding each component of the Activation Form
    • Submission type
    • Selecting your products
    • Entering your account infomration
    • You may have up to 2 machines / computers activated
    • Locate your Machine ID
    • Machine ID device / computer
  2. Access our Activation Form
  3. Fill out the form [NOTE: Be sure to review each step carefully]
  4. Submit your information that you've entered into the form
  5. Keep a look out for a confirmation of activation ticket within your Account Manager
  6. Follow the steps provided within the confirmation of activation ticket

The entire process applies to both NinjaTrader 7 and NInjaTrader 8

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Course Structure


In this section you will learn what steps you'll be taking to initiate an activation

Submission Type

Determining what type of submission you are sending

Selecting Your Products

Determining your active products by subscription

Your Account Information

Submitting your basic account information

Machine Slot / Number

Deciding which slot / number your machine ID will tie to

Locate Your Machine ID

Learn how to find your Machine ID

Activation Form

Submitting your Machine ID for activation