Submission Type

Lesson 2

There are several types of Submission you can select from.  Each one has their differences and you will need to understand and decide which one suits your submission type. Below are the submissions types and their explanations.

New Machine ID

New Machine ID is ideal for a first time submission of your Machine ID.  This is going to be mostly used when you first join to become a member.

Replace Existing Machine ID

This is option is mostly useful for existing members or former members whom ever has been activated before. This is to send us your updated Machine ID (sometimes a new new Machine ID will generated by NinjaTrader's platform). This is going to be mostly used by existing and returning members.

Correct A Machine ID

Correcting a Machine ID is for the purpose of fixing a mistake and it needs to be acknowledged.  This is helpful for users who find they may have made a mistake in their previous submission for activation and would like to have it modified / corrected. This is going to be mostly useful for existing members.

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