Selecting Your Products

Lesson 3

We offer several products, many of which do require a submission for activation to use them such as:

  • Pivot Scalper (this include PS Helpers)
  • Double Tail
  • Power Pack (this includes: APivots, Smooth and mocD)
  • Apivots
  • Smooth
  • mocD
  • TOW [The Oil Well]
  • LTE [Live Trading Event] (only a few members will ever use this)

What we do is activate the your Machine ID based on the active subscriptions (products) within your Account Manager.

You will need to select (check mark) the products that you are wanting to be activated for within the Activation Form.  Please do NOT be overzealous and select all the products - REMEMBER! We will only activate the products you are actively subscribed to. 

If you need to refresh your mind what products you are active subscribed to you can check your Account Manager to see what you have access to. 

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