NinjaTrader 7

Pivot Scalper 3

Lesson 2

Configurations Settings Overview

The sections below detail the PivotScalper 3 parameters that you can control.  


Advanced Parameters

These allow you to show the daily High and Low as a plot on the chart and control the width of the plots of the Advanced Pivot levels on the chart.


This section allows you to enable audio alerts for signals that PS3 produces.

Note: These audio alerts can sound multiple times per bar and you should wait until a bar closes before taking a trade.  Often an alert will be triggered and the bar does not end up closing as the signal that was originally sounded.

Oscillators Parameters

These govern the momentum filtering of the Pivot Scalper 3 (PS3) signal.

Session Times

Session Times are used to generate the Advanced Pivot levels.  You must input these in the format HHMM and they must be for the session in your local time zone. 

A good page for finding instrument session times is (below):

Signal Visuals

These allow you to change the color of the signal symbols and the distance in ticks they are placed from the price bar.


This is included as an aid for our support staff to help you in the unlikely event of an issue.

Data & Visual

These are the standard options for all NinjaTrader 7 indicators.


Provides controls for you change the color, width and other style characteristics of the Floor Trader Number plots.

PS3 Base Settings


Brick Size is set in the Data Series window for your chart.  The other parameters are set in the Indicators window.

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