Turn $30 into a million?

That's one hell of a subject like, but it is being done all over the world mostly by very young people who understand and invest in ALTCOINS.

Everybody's heard of Bitcoin, but there are hundreds of Altcoins that move very fast and very big.

This is my new horizon and I'm killing it.  It occurred to me that you may also want to buy a hand full of crypto but have no idea how to go about it, like me.

My good fortune comes in the form of my trusty assistant Jaz who has been with me for 13 years and she's an absolute genius when it comes to this kind of stuff.

As I was watching her move 4 billion of my Tokens into my wallet this morning I was amazed at how complex buying some of these Altcoins can be, but for Jaz it's a cinch.

So, how would you like Jaz working for you so that you can get in the game without having to do any of the complicated stuff?

But, before we go there I'd like to know if this kind of a program would even interest you so I've put a short survey together to  try and get a feel for what you might want.

Check out my video and then answer the survey questions, and if enough people want to go down this road with me, I'll start to

put it all together and let you know.

Right now I'd like to get everyone into SafeMoon in particular because I believe it has the greatest opportunity to 1000X, but there are hundreds more to choose from.  The key is identifying the ones that will go to the Moon and buy those before too many people know about them.

Thanks for your time and suggestions, I really do appreciate it.

Here are the charts of 4 Altcoins I'm vested in. I bought these before the huge spike.