​Get Everything I've Got for Next to Nothing

For a long time customers have been asking me if I would offer all of my Elite trading products for one low price rather than a monthly subscription.  As you can imagine, I make a lot more money with my subscription/lease service so I've never put much thought into it.

But, while on vacation the past two weeks in Maui, I decided starting right now through Thanksgiving I'll make this awesome offer so that if you are the kind of person who doesn't like to pay a monthly fee and is able to make decisions quickly, you now have the opportunity to get everything you need to make real money trading for just one low price, and get a lifetime license without ever being charged again.

Below I have listed each of the products along with a short video describing each indicator and how they will help you make money trading, so go through each one, watch each short video and snag them all before this week is over.

Value $47 per month


​This trading system gives you an arrow signal and audible alert and permission to trade when key pivot points are reached along with a series of other indicators working behind the scenes.  This has been my bread and butter trade signal for 6 years and it still works as good as the first day we created it 6 years ago.  

Value $50 per month


​This indicator is as simple as it gets but is a trading system in itself and I have traders who swear by it and only use Double Tail and nothing else. DT is a doji that automatically paints itself yellow so you can see it easily and make quick trading decisions.  Watch the DT and see that every reversal of price happens on a DT bar, every single one.  Learn how to read DT bars and that's all you need to make money trading.

Value $​147 ​per month
​Includes CCP Indicators


​Every morning for 2 to 3 hours we meet in our live Trade Room and trade together using all of the tools listed here.  I do most of the trading but there are also guest traders who come in from time to time, and if you would like to show off your trading skills, I invite you to take the plunge and test your abilities in front of an audience.  Every person I've invited to test their skills in front of the room has told me the experience made them a better trader, me included.

​Value $​497 ​lifetime


​Also known as Floor Trader Numbers - Every seasoned trader I know considers Support and Resistance levels one of the most important indicators they use every single day.  This is an indicator you can't live without.  Floor Trader Numbers are available for free on the Internet, BUT, only in the form of a calculation that you have to do every day.  In other words, every time you open your charts you will have to calculate them and then physically draw them on your charts.  

I was surprised that nobody had taken the time to program them to automatically draw on your chart every day, so I undertook a 3 month project that cost me over $100,000 to have my team of programmers do it UNDER MY PRECISE GUIDANCE.  ​It wasn't easy but we got it done and now you can only get this indicator through my website, and I'm including them in this offer today.

Value $​1​9 ​per month

​This indicator is another favorite and my spin on the MACD.  I've enhanced it visually and color coded it for easier and faster recognition allowing you to make quicker trading decisions. ​The average age of my customers is the same as mine, between 40 and 70 and and all my indicators are designed just for us and our slightly impaired vision and responsiveness.  As traders we need every advantage and that's exactly how and why I specifically designed this staple indicator this way.

​Value $​​19 per month

​This is my custom version of the popular Double-Smooth-Stocastics ​when used in combination with the MOCD, PS, DT, and AP's becomes an absolute, complete trading system that will serve you will for the rest of your trading career. 

​Can we agree this is THE BEST OFFER you've ever seen?

I had lunch with Grand Cardone in Miami three years ago and one thing he told me that has stuck with me.  He said in his experience going from rags to Billionaire, "successful people make decisions fast, while unsuccessful people drag their feet and think about it forever".

So how much is all this great stuff?

Are you sitting down? GOOD!

​The value of this incredible offer is $3,887.00 just for the first year, but is good for a lifetime for the one time low price of just $1497.  Drag your feet on this at your own risk.  And, speaking of dragging your feet, read the paragraph below and decide who you are and how you are going to act now.


​ACT FAST because this will only available till Thanksgiving

Let's do this now, get the proven best Trading systems in the industry and
meet us in Winning Trade Room tomorrow.

​Even though this is an amazing value, it is still a significant amount of money for some people, and I respect that.  If you need to speak with me directly before you make your purchase, email me immediately at [email protected] and put TALK in all caps in the subject line and your cell phone number in the body of the email.  I will initiate a text chat with you and set up a call.  Please don't waste my time.  I want to talk to you, but only if you are  seriously considering this offer.  I promise I will not waste your time.