TOM Pool Update

End of August Update

Hello again from soggy Boquete Panama with our end of August update.

Finally the market is moving again after a lackluster summer.  This has been expected but it sure was boring.

After the last 3 months of declines and flatlining we are moving upward with all our holdings, and some of them dramatically.

- Cardano Ada is approaching $3.00 up from $1.14

- XRP is sitting very close to $1.20 up from .55

- Safemoon spiked to around 35 up from 15 and is now sitting around 25

- Harmony is up around .10 up from around .07 range

The SEC lawsuit against XRP could settle any time and no credible person in the space believes that it will be favorable to the SEC meaning that XRP should see a surge in price.  How big this surge could be is impossible to predict, but the range I have heard is between $27 and $589, and if we get anywhere close to $589 we will all have a very nice Christmas.

Going forward to the end of the year the market and everyone in it is expecting a "massive" bull run.  One thing we know about crypto is that after bull runs there is a massive retracement, often 80% to 95% as in the last one.

So, if we have significant gains approaching the end of the year, I will be taking profits.  If and when I do that I will let you know and you can decide if you want out or if you want to buy back in at lower prices.

The biggest mistake I have made in the past in my investing is letting it ride and not rewarding myself by taking profits.  We will take profits and carry on.

The spreadsheet has been updated to reflect some of the swaps we did in August.  I got us out of FINE and swapped for FatCake and HBAR so this one is now up to the minute accurate.

That's it for this month.  I hope you are all as happy and healthy as I am.