The Gift
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We closed our Billy Boy promotion a few days ago but I wanted to share this letter from Bob with you.

As a marketer of trading programs for over 10 years, I have never received the level of successful adoption to any method I've ever introduced as we have to our Billy Boy Scalping Method.

This letter below from Bob is a great example of how well our subscribers are doing.

In January I will be opening the shopping cart once again.  The original promotion is over but I will come up with something special for you if you get on my waiting list to receive the offer in the new year.

If you are interested in receiving the offer in January, get on the list.

Hi Scott,

Please see attached ES chart.  I've been trying to be a consistent profitable trader for over 20 years and finally this system is providing me with what I need.  Thanks to Scott and Billy.  I believe anybody can accomplish their goals with this system.  This is the best system for the average retail trader.  Anything I ever send you can be shared with your students.  I like giving praise to people that deserve it! 


Bob L.


If you are interested in receiving the offer in January, get on the list.