We are underway... 

You know, it's funny, every time I say those words or think them, it takes me back to an operation I was on to rescue the Iranian 

hostages back in 1979.

I was in the USMC and on either the Tarawa or the Frederick can't remember the ship, but we were part of a Brigade Service Support Group, BSSG-13, that consisted of 13 ships that left San Diego for the Indian Ocean.

Some of the best experiences I ever had were in the military, and I believe that experience led to me being able to handle pretty much anything life throws at me, and in trading that comes in really handy.

But enough about me.

The Pool is closed and I have people knocking on my door to get in but I purposely made the deadline very tight because I did not want hundreds of people to join and people always drag their feet.  These are also the ones who say later "I would be rich, if only".  

We have just 25 participants, and that's plenty.

"Shuffle your feet, lose your seat" as the saying goes.

So, now that we have closed the Pool, Jaz and I are in the process of accounting for every penny collected so that we/she can create a spreadsheet that will give everyone a precise view of what we own.

I will include links to chart so that you can follow along, but the truth is, it's best to not watch it every day.  Some days the price doesn't change at all and other days it goes bonkers.  Leave the hard work and fretting to me.

We are in this for the long haul, but that doesn't mean ten years.  The one Token we are holding that we may hold for up to 18 months is ADA Cardano.  This is a solid project with enormous upside, but it is not one of those hyped up Tokens that moves erratically.  

You can find many videos on YouTube if you want to check out some of the analysis on any of the Tokens we are holding.

Look for my update next week with all the details.  

Below is a snapshot of what I'm expecting:

The chart below is of Litecoin.  I chose this chart because it perfectly illustrates the opportunity we have.

The link above the chart is to an interactive chart of the image below it so you can blow it up and analyze it.  We will be buying Litecoin if it retraces way back down, but not at the current price.  

As you can see, way back in 2014 it spiked from nothing to around $60, then slowly drifted back down to nothing before in late 2017 and early 2018 it took off.  This was the moment to sell when Litecoin got to almost $400 before dropping sharply.

I sold my Bitcoin at $18K and even though it spiked up to $61K shortly after I sold, I have no regrets as I made a handsome profit.

When one of our coins goes parabolic, I will sell.  After I sell we will assess what to do next.  I am an advocate of taking profits.  It is very important to reward ourselves when we make gains.  Too many traders neglect this part of trading and it is a very important part.

The way I have been successful has been to identify Tokens that have a promising future because of the technology solutions they offer and because of a solid development and management team behind them.

Altcoins offer massive potential gains.  Many "HOT" altcoins get pumped up high by the developers as a way for them to exit at the top leaving the average investor holding worthless coins/tokens.

We don't want to mess with that nonsense, but we will invest small amounts in super hyped altcoins that we can profit from in the short term, while holding our AAA Blue Chip Tokens longer term.

Look at this chart below.  Imagine buying Litecoin at 0.00000000.1 and selling at $350.  That's life changing stuff and that's what I'm looking for.

We have SafeMoon that has 6 zeros after the decimal, and I believe it has the potential to skyrocket, or as they say in the Crypto world, "Moon".

I got my first 4.5 Billion Tokens with 8 zeros after the decimal.  And all we need SafeMoon to do is eliminate 2 more zeros and we are in good shape, every one of us.

That's all for now, I'll see you late next week with a full update and the spreadsheet.

One last thing; the idiotic disclaimer the government requires us to make.

Don't invest anything you can not afford to lose.  Trading is a risky business and you could lose everything.

If you want out now, please contact me immediately and let me know so I can immediately return your funds.

Have a magnificent weekend, be inspired, be powerful, walk on the ground with your bare feet and soak up the goodness of the earth.