“Go Live” via your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

Hey it's Scott, I will be doing regular LIVE broadcasts including from our next Live Event. This is the best way to see the action live and in the moment

Follow Me: https://periscope.tv/theoilmoney

Check out the 3 examples below

Road Trip - Find Your Guide!

Making $10k a day!

Gold and Silver Rush!

Hey, I recently discovered this cool new social media outlet called Periscope and I want you to join me. It’s really awesome, and really easy.

Here’s why I want you to join me.

If you are interested at all in living a lifestyle of complete Freedom and luxury, I am going to be doing regular videos like the 3 below that will help you get there.

Here is my plan. I am not going to just talk about making money, I’m going to show you the money and the lifestyle. Nothing will be staged, everything is real.

This will demonstrate how the same is possible for you.

I will demonstrate how I live and how and where I travel so that you will be inspired to find a path for yourself to join me in the fun.

Because of the nature of this format, it is impossible for me to stage my videos so they are raw and live and happening right before your eyes, no gimmicks, no green screen, no makeup, just the fax.

This is a brand new thing for me and it’s really great. If you are over 30 and are saying, OMG, I’m not “tech savvy” or “my flip phone can’t do apps” or some such nonsense, get over it and get your grand child to download the App.

So here is what to do next:

  • On your mobile device/smart phone go to the APP Store and download Periscope
  • Search for The Oil Money and "Follow" me.
  • When I do my daily Periscope or "Scopes" you will get a ping on your phone
  • Simply go to the Periscope and I'll be there doing a Live Broadcast at that very moment
  • If you like what I'm talking about just tap anywhere on your screen and send me Hearts

This is going to be fun and real and allow us to get to know each other better so that you will be inspired with real stuff to get the life you want.