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Pivot Scalper has become my biggest money maker...I absolutely love the software!

Allen Miller

By TOM | Broadcast

Jul 17

Below is an email I just got on Saturday, July 20th from one of my members expressing his gratitude and excitement over using Pivot-Scalper he was able to get funded with real money through one of my partners.

Now, consider this:

Forget about having enough money to trade with. Now all you have to do is learn how to use my simple system and then take a test. When you pass the test you get funded up to $150,000, and now you can play in the big game.

Try my system for 21 days for just $1. This is the easiest and fastest way to get in the game with a substantial amount of money through one of my partners.

But first, you’ve got to spend the next 21 days learning Pivot-Scalper and Double-Tail and you are done.

Time is running out. The global economy is going to collapse. I suggest you find a way to secure your future. Pivot-Scalper can do that for you.

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P.S. Can you believe Allen offered if anyone wanted to talk to a real paying customer, he would be happy to do so.

P.S.S. If you want to talk to Allen directly, please respond to this email and I will forward it on to Allen. Please keep in mind Allen is one of my customers who is having success with my program and who has been funded by my partner with real money. Please be serious if you are going to take up his time.

Thanks, SAM

Scott…Just wanted to tell you that I passed the Funded Trader Prep and will be moving on to a funded account. I just completed it today and will have it reviewed on Monday…. Now, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. midway through (last week) I was very close to “busting” out. I was down over 1200.00 (with a max loss of 1500.00) but I was able to refocus and fight back to reach my profit target…I always had an interest in trading gold but could never seem to make any consistent profits, but with pivot scalper, it has become my biggest money maker. Thanks again. I absolutely love the software and if it ever becomes “unavailable” I will be in deep trouble…LOL. If anyone wants to talk to me directly they are welcome to email me. So, here is my email address if anyone wants to talk to a REAL customer about Pivot-Scalper:

Allen Miller