We are Baby Boomers and we have achieved what we have


But, what if this is just the beginning?

What if you could generate all the wealth that has eluded you

up to now and what if you could do it in a very short time?

What if all the time you have invested in working and saving

all led up to this one moment, to this one opportunity?  What

if everything you've thought you could achieve was nothing

compared to what is in front of you right now?

What if you don't have to accept your "lot in life"?

What if your best years are ahead of you?

What if you will actually be able to live out your dream retirement in a more splendid way than you ever thought possible?

What if, what if, what if.

I never give up, I never slow down, I have never accepted that

my life will be anything but spectacular.  I have never settled for

less and you should not either.

Because you may be unfamiliar with crypto and blockchain I am

going to share with you some YouTube videos that I want you to


These videos are a random selection of self proclaimed experts

whose opinions about what we are doing here match mine.  I was not able to find anyone who disagrees with me on this issue.

I never ever ever send my customers to other sites or YouTube

Channels, but I thought these videos are worthwhile because they talks intelligently about 3 of the Cryptos we are buying in our pool.

I already own Harmony-ONE and in this video he talks about it

being at .15 cents.  As of the moment I'm writing this email it is

sitting around .20 cents. 

The ticket to the Moon is finding Tokens that are trading for pennies or fractions of pennies but also have a solid management team behind them.

I am also buying and holding Cardano ADA and here is one of the guys I follow and this video outlines some solid and realistic facts for why Cardano is strong right now and has the potential to 100X.

And one last video:

The two videos above are enthusiasts who drive the market with their YouTube channels.  They know their stuff and they are consumed with Crypto and they know their shit.

This guy, Raoul Pal is a BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR in crypto so I thought I'd include him in this little video trilogy. 

I'm shutting this down tomorrow and will not accept any new participants as I'm eager to get to buying for the pool.


Do it with us or do it on your own,

but for God's sake DO IT now or forever hold your peace.

Simply select any level you are comfortable with.