Hello, and thank you for your interest in our new 2021-Altcoin-Pool.  I'm very excited to offer this as I have experienced massive gains in my own crypto holdings.

I am ready to get started right away, so in this document you will find the rules for participation and my plan for the future and how we will liquidate.

I have made significant gains in highly volatile, speculative Crypto-Tokens and I will buy some of them for our pool, but mainly will confine our pool to solid projects with a proven track record, experienced management team that give us the highest probability for massive gains.

In order to realize massive gains I will pick strategic tokens and hold them for a period.

This "period" will depend on the performance of each token, some may be one month, some may be six months, and others may be as much as 18 months.  My minimum goal is for everyone to ten X their initial contribution, but the potential to 100X and 1000X is very possible in 2021 and 2022.

I will send out monthly updates so you know how the pool is performing and I will let you know what tokens we are holding so that you can follow it as well on your own.

The main reason I'm doing this is because I found it to be an absolutely daunting and impossible task for me personally to buy Altcoins.  One reason is that when they are first released (the most advantageous time to buy) and before they are listed on major

crypto exchanges, the process is very complex.

So, it occurred to me that my customers are most likely in the same boat I am in and need help.  Once I got my assistant involved it was a "Piece of Cake" and I was inspired to put this pool together so that we can all benefit from something we would otherwise

be cut out of.

These are very exciting times.  I remember when the Internet was just getting off the ground and many people did not see the future.  Blockchain Technology and Crypto is the upgrade to the Internet.  Blockchain is WWW-2.0 on steroids and you will want to

get a piece of it.

So, now that we've got that out of the way here's what to do next:

  1. Click this link: CLICK HERE
  2. The link will redirect you to a page with a form to fill out
  3. Fill out the form and submit however much you want to contribute to the pool
  4. You will immediately receive an email acknowledging your participation
  5. In a follow up email the same week, you will receive an email receipt 
  6. If we cash out of any crypto a company check will be mailed to you


There are costs associated with buying, transferring, and selling crypto.  We have to buy, transfer, and sell through what are called "Exchanges" and like trading brokers they charge fees and they are all different so it is impossible to know exactly what the fees will be on any purchase and sale.  Every penny will be documented.


The biggest risk you take when buying crypto is losing your wallet.  A wallet is where the tokens are stored.  There are online wallets and offline wallets.  The online wallets can be hacked so we buy and move them offline to a Nano thumb-drive for maximum security.  That thumb-drive goes into a safe deposit box at the bank.

But, this can also be risky because people lose their offline wallets and can never recover their tokens.  There are countless stories of people who owned thousands of Bitcoin and lost their wallets.  They would be billionaires today.  

There is one famous story of a guy who paid $30 in Bitcoin for a pizza.  It was the first purchase made using crypto when it was worth 0.003 per bitcoin.  So, that pizza cost him over $600 Million in today's BTC value, and BTC is only 11 years old.

Don't be left behind

This truly is a moment in history you don't want to miss.  It will only happen once and you don't want to be left behind.

A small amount of money can return enormous gains but only if done correctly and that is why we have Jaz on the job.

Contribute an appropriate amount for your situation and do not contribute any amount that you cannot afford to lose. 

This Altcoin-Pool is not a money making venture for me up front.  I will only benefit if we all make massive gains.  For this reason, this will be the only opportunity to join us.

Also, because we will all be in this together, I will hold contributions for only one week and then begin buying.  Once I begin buying the door will be closed so get started right now and without delay.  No money will be accepted after April 2nd.

This is going to be fun and profitable, but be aware of the risks as well.  Like with any speculative investment the risk of loss must be taken into consideration.


I want everybody's money in by Wednesday so that all funds will be processed and cleared by the end of next week and I can begin executing the plan next weekend at the latest.

Right now we have opportunities in Harmony-ONE, SafeMoon, Cardano, and Electroneum ETN, so let's get moving Marines.

This is going to be an awesome adventure for all of us.


The image below will give you a quick lesson in Crypto Lingo so you sound like you know what you are talking about when you tell people you hold Tokens.