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Did you miss the Emergency Meeting?




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The Missing Link

It's time to win the mind gave of life and success. We have been programmed since birth for failure and compliance. Paul will teach you how to re-boot your mind for success.

Mar 16

Hey, if you missed the meeting last night or were unable to get in because the room was full, we recorded it so you can watch it at your leisure today.

This is the most important presentation I have ever done and it is vital that you set aside 50 minutes to watch it in full only when you can give it your undivided attention.

The consequences will be the difference between winning or continuing to lose. I’m that serious about this.

Thank you for coming and welcome!

Can you hear me and see my screen? put your hand up if you can, thanks.

The next 30 minutes could turn everything around for you if you are not winning consistently, it could also be a big waste of time. That will be determined by the level of attention you give me, so, please put down your phone, close your email, put this presentation on full screen, and give me your full attention for just 30 minutes.

This is the stuff dreams are made of, this is the shiny object we talk about this is the dream everybody is after


Trading is not about money for most people, it’s about filling a void that is missing in another part of your life

The reason I called this meeting is because the other day I asked myself; when it comes to my trading businesses, The Oil Money and the Live Trading Events, what is it that makes me the most happy.

Is it the money I make every day from my members who use Pivot-Scalper?

Is it the money I make from the LTE?

Is it the money I make every day from our trading operations?

Now don’t get me wrong, those things make me very happy, but its just business, and I’m in the business of making money.

But what makes me run into the living room and tell my wife something exciting, what puts a huge smile on my face and fills my heart with joy is when one of my traders tells me “OMG I finally got it Scott” or “I have been losing for 10 years and now I’m finally winning” or “Thank you Scott for this great gift of knowledge that finally opened my eyes to why I kept losing”

Those are the things that really make me happy, and if we are brutally honest with ourselves, it is happy that we are all after, it’s not money.

In fact I was talking to Paul last night and he told me that people don’t trade for the money, they trade to replace something that is missing in their lives, and this is one of the reasons why most traders lose.

You see, Trading is not about replacing excitement or passion or love or fulfillment or even pain. It is simply about making money, and if you are ever going to win, you have to start changing the way you approach trading and you have to recondition your mind to win.

I often ask the question:

Why do people spend 4 to 8 years in college just to get some goofy degree that will allow them to make $100K a year, but they won’t give trading 3 months or 9 months that can allow them to make $100,000 a month?

I just showed you the proof that $50K a day is possible

This is not an average day for us, but we do consistently make $10,000 or better a day from our trading and you could also.

This past LTE in Austin last week, we did an experiment. Chris did his usual training using our KSTRAT and interestingly people started becoming distracted and fidgety and kind of board.

Then he introduced a brand new manual trading tool into the mix just to gauge the reaction of the group and to our surprise, everybody perked up and became interested in what he was saying all of a sudden.

Why were people more interested in a manual trading method over an automated trading method?

It turns out it is because they LIKE TO TRADE and even though our fully automated trading strategies KSTRAT is a total winner, people get board with it and want to be in the GAME.

Like I said earlier, they are not in this to make money, they are in this for some other reason, for the excitement, for the thrill, for reasons that have nothing to do with the business of trading.

If you are going to achieve an income from your trading that will allow you to live the lifestyle you dream of, then you have to stop that behavior?

  • You must train yourself to approach trading in a robotic way
  • You must train yourself to trade unemotionally
  • You must train yourself to understand why you trade the way you do
  • You must begin to recondition your mind for trading
  • You must stop trading until you are ready

Just like in the old TV series Kung Fu in the opening sequence when the Master tells Kane “when you can snatch the pebble from my hand, then you will be ready”.

Same with you. You can’t just buy my shiny object and expect to be ready to win. You need to condition your mind first or all you will do is dump thousands upon thousands of dollars into the bottomless pit that is the market.

I want to tell you a very personal story about how I recovered from bankruptcy and put myself in a position to be successful again after complete failure

After losing everything, I was working telemarketing jobs selling home alarm systems and prescription drug plans and I hated life like nobodies business.

In my mind I was working on my next business venture that turned out to be The Oil Money.

I got a cool job with Eben Pagan the great Internet Marketer and was able to work from home.

My starting salary was $2000 a month and it was during that time that I started becoming an online marketer and when I first got the notion of The Oil Money, this was in 2008 or 2009.

I tried to build my first web site myself using a program called Intuit but it was amateur hour, big time.

So I called this person who I had hired before to do some logo designs for me and I asked her how much she would charge me to create a web site. She said $45 per hour.

Well, I almost had a heart attach and I complained at the high price to which she responded, “I know, but I don’t work all the time,, so when I make money its good, but when I don’t it sucks”

She went on to say “I would rather make a small amount of money every week if it was steady, than a bunch of money for short periods followed by longer periods of no money”.






I knew I could not afford to hire her because all I was making was $2000 a month with Eben.

I knew I could barely keep the lights on as it was so any amount no matter how small would be too much.

But I also knew that without Jaz I would not be able to build my web site and market The Oil Money.

I knew without her I would just survive on my $2000 a month until I got a raise, and I knew that I would never achieve anything at that rate.

So what did I do that 99% of people would not do in the same situation?

I agreed to hire her for half my salary until we started making money, and she agreed.

Now I had to figure out how to live on $1000 a month, but I now had the key ingredient I needed to succeed in my new business and that is all that mattered to me and I was happy.

We went immediately to work and 3 months later the new business was making about $2000 a month and today it’s combined revenue streams will make 7 figures this year.

I’m not going to ask you to take that kind of risk, you are already doing that every day on your own.

Every day you click into a trade not knowing what you are doing, you are throwing money away.

Count the thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars you have dumped into the market as evidence that you are going to spend gobs and gobs of money yet when I have offered you solutions in the past, most of you have passed on the solution opting instead to give the market another $100 or $500 or more.

Why do you do it?

Why do you continue to give your money to the market instead of learning what you need to do to win?

Can we agree that there is overwhelming evidence that my trading systems work and work brilliantly as long as there is a competent trader behind the wheel?

So, Paul Counsel who has studied traders and their messed up psychology for decades has developed a training for us and it’s called The Missing Link.

The Missing Link will guide you through the beginning stages of understanding your consumption code psychology that we have all been brainwashed with.

Then he will take you by the hand and show you how it has worked against you and give you tools to vanquish it from your life so that you will be free of the garbage that makes us give our money away.

And once you graduate from The Missing Link, you will continue your learning in Trading Profits Mastery working with Paul in a live environment where you can ask questions and get immediate answers.

This is your path to success. There is no other path, so if you are going to be successful, here is what you do next.

I want you to make a commitment to yourself right now.

I want you to write this down and I want you to read it to yourself every morning when you get up.

I love myself too much to allow myself to sacrifice my hard earned money to the market. I will not be seduced by shiny objects, but instead will educate myself to the nuances of trading and how my psychology affects my trading. I will commit to working with a Master who can teach me what I need to know in order to become a competent trader. I will not trade until I have completed The Missing Link and then graduate to Trading Profits Mastery.

If you will complete this course and graduate to Trading Profits Mastery, I will sponsor you into a Topstep Combine for $100,000 or $150,000 of real money to trade with.

From this point on, nobody will be sponsored into a Combine until they have completed The Missing Link and are enrolled in Trading Profits Mastery.

Why am I doing this? Why am I being such a tough guy on this issue?

Because I like being happy and as I said in the beginning, the thing that makes me most happy is when you, my traders are winning and sending me messages telling me about it and I know the only way you can achieve that is by the method I just described.

But let me ask you a question:

How much is being a profitable trader worth to you each year?

Lets say you want to earn $100,000 per year or $200,000 per year or even more, because if you are not making this kind of money, that is exactly what you are missing out on.

Now let me ask you how much are you willing to spend to insure what you need to know so that you can accomplish that?

Are you willing to spend $97? Are you willing to spend $97 a month? Are you willing to spend $1500 a month on a mentor to work one-on-one with you?

Believe it or not, most people are not willing to spend anything on this part of the equation and as a result they fail, say this doesn’t work, and then bounce to the next shiny object and the next and the next until they have given all their money to the market or concluded that trading just doesn’t work.

It’s time to make trading work for you.

So, go to:


right now and watch the first two videos. When you are done with The Missing Link and Trading Profits Mastery, contact me and get your Combine started to qualify for $100K or $150K and start winning.

Like I said the first two videos on The Missing Link site are FREE. If you decide to continue I will ask you to pay just $97 for the rest of the course.
If you decide after graduation that you want to continue your education in Trading Profits Mastery where you will work with Paul Counsel on a weekly basis then I will ask you to pay $97 per month.

And if you decide you want to work with Paul one-on-one you will pay $1500 a month for that privilege .

But, I’m not asking you to pay a dime right now, I’m asking you to go to:


And watch the first 2 free videos to get a taste of what is in store for you.

I’m asking you to take your education seriously from this point on and discover why your conditioning won’t allow you to win, and how you can change all that right now

You are a winner, you just haven’t had the right tools till now.

Go to TheOilMoney.com/TML


The Missing Link

It's time to win the mind gave of life and success. We have been programmed since birth for failure and compliance. Paul will teach you how to re-boot your mind for success.