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Saturdays with Scott & Joel

Scott Interviews Joel

Part 4


By TOM | Broadcast

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Apr 04

Some people complain that they never got an opportunity to make money.

Within one year after meeting Chris we created a 7 figure business together.

Paul Counsel created The Missing Link and Trading Profits Master which now generates additional revenue but above that it has become an important part of The Oil Money and a huge resource for our traders who recognize its value.

Joel was one of my customers a few months ago, but when he invited me to meet him in Santa Monica, instead of making excuses, I recognized what might become another great opportunity that started with a walk in Palisades park.

Another source of revenue has now been created through that friendship in addition to trading.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because there is opportunity all around us every single day and we walk right past it.

I’m going to Belgrade tomorrow to discuss another opportunity that sprung up out of nothing that I expect will develop into another 7 figure income.

Stop walking past opportunities that are staring you in the face, and get busy with Pivot-Scalper or KSTRAT, and dig into The Missing Link and get serious about your trading.

The market will give you everything you ever dreamed of, but you have to go get it. You have to know how, and everything you need for that is right here.

Our success rate with Pivot-Scalper and KSTRAT is reaching unprecedented new heights with our users, as more and more people get serious.

As more and more people enroll in The Missing Link and Trading Profits Mastery.

As more and more people realize that home is right here at The Oil Money.

Watch this final episode with me and Joel, and check out the unexpected bonus footage that was as big a surprise to me as it will be to you.

Open your eyes to the possibilities that are within your grasp right now and find success here with me and my gang, as so many are finding every day.

I accidentally left the video on and captured this behind the scenes, not ready for prime time footage of our post interview conversation.


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